Adult Sleep Workshops

Adult Sleep

Sleep is a MUST it’s not an option. Unfortunately, life has many of us NOT getting the quality sleep we need. Your health and lifestyle play a big role. Do you struggle to fall asleep, night wakings, or tired during the day? We will walk through ways to improve your sleep, this is done by walking through your daily activities and bedtime routine. We have you feel out a customized questionnaire to give us a clear idea, where you will need support.

Adult Sleep Consultation

One-on-One adult sleep consulting will provide insight and training virtually so you can improve your sleep from the comfort of your home.  We work directly with you to create a plan that looks at your sleep issues and we make the corrections needed for adjustments.

Virtual One-on-One Sleep Consulting Session $ 549


Phone or Video Conferencing

The sleep consultation is available at your convenience through Zoom conferencing or Phone.

Preliminary Assessment

This is a comprehensive questionnaire you filled out about your sleep habits, lifestyle, and routine before the first visit. This will allow us to know how best to support you.

Private 60 Minute Session

We will talk through ways to improve your quality of sleep along with areas you may be struggling with.

Customized Sleep Plan

You will have 4 weekly consults to help you implement the customized sleep plan. We will go over areas that you find effective from the sleep plan and areas you are still working on.

Each follow-up call will be 30 minutes and at your convenience.

Must be done within the contracted time.


Corporate Sleep WorkShops

Our informative and engaging sleep sessions highlight on how to get quality sleep each night. Proper adult sleep is essential to our mental health, family life, and work. The sessions are perfect for a lunch-and-learn program or your well-ness work initiatives.

Included in the sleep session:

How to start the day with healthy sleep habits

How to establish a bedtime routine

Reaching the perfect bedroom atmosphere for good sleep

How do nutrition and fitness support your sleep

Common sleep problems and how to avoid them