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5 reviews for In-Person Training Class

  1. Katie

    I first met Summer at a conference in 2016. I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to connect with, learn from and grow. I am so glad I kept in touch with her! She has been an amazing mentor these last 4 years. I am so proud of all she’s accomplished and I am grateful for what she is doing for our industry. Summer has a heart of gold and I can always rely on her to give honest and unbiased feedback. I highly recommend you take any training or course she puts together. Her prices are fair and information and techniques are backed by research and many, many years of hands on experience.

  2. Sue

    Even before I signed up for Summers Sleep Secrets I knew it was going to be great! Summer is an amazing person, teacher and mentor. Her class is worth every penny and the mentorship is worth its weight in gold! Anytime I have a question or concern whatever Summer suggests works, I have learned more then I thought possible through the course and ongoing!

  3. Mia Pino

    Summer is incredibly wonderful. She truly has a passion at teaching as well as she’s got a wealth of knowledge. Loved her class, and learned so much in spite of my 20 years plus experience as a NCS. She’ll Mentor you forever once you take her class. I would take class over and over again! ❤️ I truly adore her! She’s there for you anytime you have a question… just amazing and a blessing to have her as a mentor!

  4. Sandra

    AMAZING!! After investing in other online trainings that left me speechless. Not because of what they taught, but bcuz of the lack of information given. I was a little skeptical in investing on another online training. I was very wrong! Summer’s training is so different from others. There is so much she shares in her course. She is there to answer any questions during and after course offering continuous support. She is very reliable, will always answer any questions you have. If your thinking about getting her online training, DO IT!! There really is no other training like hers. Im so glad i was referred to her. The unconditional support she gives you is PRICELESS.

  5. Shaniqua

    I give Summer’s course 5 stars because not only is it JAMMED packed with helpful information to help me start my journey as a sleep consultant/training, but the mentorship that I received during and after the course is a blessing! She really takes time out to ensure that she answers any questions and helps out as much as she can. I ask a lot of questions and she answered each one in detail and has continued to lead me in the right direction. If you are looking for a course that gives you substance instead of FLUFF this is it!!! I look forward to working with Summer more and happy that I made the decision to take this route!

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What is included in the class:

  • Baby Tech Support.
  • Teaching sleep as a Newborn Care Specialist
  • Setting the Foundation for Sleep
  • Welcome Home Packet
  • Includes my Personal Client Contract
  • Advance 1-
  • Six Case Studies 0-4 months
  • Advance 2-
  • Six Case Studies 5 months – 3 y/o
  • 4- Months Sleep Regression
  • Consultations
  • 4- Phone consultations cases
  • 3- In-home consultations cases
  • Sample Sleep Plans
  • Thinking Outside Box
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Test Consultation with Summer Required
  • Test questions online after Class
  • Will mail out certificate after the test is completed

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A newborn care specialist is a trained professional in everything baby related and parent care. You are trained to help parents when they first come home from the hospital. 

Areas you teach:

  • Teach parents a daily routine. 
  • Nursing and bottle feeding support. 
  • Clean bottles while on shift.
  • Reflux and colic support.
  • Postpartum support. 
  • Our hours we work 12 hours to 8 hours and in some cases 24/7.

We coach over 12 weeks our goal is to have the baby sleeping 10-12 hours a night.

What will YOU learn in this training? 

  • What is needed to work nights as a newborn care specialist?
  • Teaching parents on a daily routine.
  • Troubleshoot possible problems.
  • Food and allergies for nursing mothers. 
  • How to sleep shape newborn to 12 weeks old. 
  • How to make a welcome packet and gives contracts to get you started on working as a newborn care specialist.
  • Twelve case studies step by step guide. Each case is a different method. 
  • Consultations- a phone conversation. 
  • Seven case studies over the phone and in-person consultations. 
  • Questions to troubleshoot sleep issues. 

What is the difference between a sleep trainer and sleep consultant? 

  • Sleep trainer will come into your home and train baby side by side with the parent.
  • Sleep consultant will work remotely. Parents will follow the lead of the consultant but sole training will be the parent’s responsibility.

What is a Sleep Trainer?

  • What is a sleep trainer? It is someone that will come into the home and train baby and coach parents. As a sleep trainer, we listen to each cry and help figure out what method will work best.
  • As a sleep trainer listen and adjusting every hour as needed. The goal is to have the baby or toddler sleeping in 3-5 days.

What is a Sleep Consultant?

Do you find yourself giving advice to friends or family? Did you have a sleep consultant help you with your baby?

  • Sleep consultants help build a structured routine for parents to follow
  • Consultants are available for parents to contact as they are training. This could be 24 hours or 3 days a week by email.
  • Sleep consultants have the knowledge of several different methods to train.

As a sleep consultant, you find a purpose and it’s truly amazing to transform a family and their sleep!!

Each family is totally different! Hence, why it is so important to have multiple ways to train a baby.

Parents are exhausted and often feel like they should go through the trials of parenting trenches alone. But that should never be the case. You will be a parents lifeline!

Summer’s Sleep Secrets will help you build a company that will give YOUR clients the support they deserve.

Throughout your training, there are case studies walking you through every scenario. This program doesn’t skimp on the things you need to know. Gives you everything, the good the bad and the ugly!!

What’s different about this training than all the others?

  • This program teaches multiple ways to train a baby. There is NOT a one size fits all way to train. You receive all the tools to train in every situation.
  • You have access to advice 24/7 – there is NO extra cost to get needed support.
  • Our goal as your mentor and coach is to see YOU succeed. This could be through any avenue you pursue.
  • Marketing is included in this training. 

We do have a NEW 2-day program that will be available this spring Summer’s Sleep Science. This is a compliment training to Summer’s Sleep Secrets course.

We will have 2-weekends in 2019 for Summer’s Sleep Science. Dates and location to be decided!  The course is $ 997.00 payment plan available. 

We are excited to be offering a more extensive training on the WHY’S of sleep and how science affects the results.

More information will be added January 1st!!

Certification Requirements- if you want to be a Certified Summer’s Sleep Secrets Consultant.

  • Must have completed the SSS test.
  • Read a minimum of 5 books on sleep training. Send in what method each book used. 
  • Write 3 sleep plans 12-weeks, 6-months, 15-month-old.
  • Write a 500-word essay based on what you learned in the training.
  • Proof of 10- sleep consultations.
  • 500- hours of sleep consulting or sleep training within 2 years of your training.
  • Only those that have taken the full-course can certify.
  • Full background check -$50
  • A yearly renewal fee of $99
  • 2-years to complete after attending an in-person or full online class.

Payment plans are available.

*2019 Dates Released! Book your spot! 

Approved course with ICNCS.

We are excited to have this be a totally different teaching style!