Night Only Support - Hourly $28-45

Summer will arrive at 10 p.m. and work until 6 a.m. “Time of arrival is flexible.” As a newborn care specialist part of our job is to bring the baby to mom so baby can nurse.

If Mom is not nursing we handle all night time feedings so parents will have plenty of sleep. We handle bottle cleaning, nursery stocking, and general baby duties. Over 12 weeks we have worked baby down to one feeding or zero feedings a night. Our goal is to have a 10/12 hour sleeper. Work with singles and multiples.

  • Infant Sleep Training
  • Breastfeeding help & support
  • Education and support on parenting issues and baby’s needs
  • Circumcision care & Cord care
  • Restocking baby care items in the nursery

We have interns available at a lower rate


24 Hour Services - $ 750 Day

This is for parents that want 24/7 support

We start on the day or night you come home from the hospital

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Baby(s) laundry
  • Swaddling
  • Teaching gentle sleep habits from the moment you bring home baby
  • Ensuring peace of mind
  • Educating parents regarding the daily care of their baby(s)
  • Bring baby to mom to nurse at night or will bottle feed so mom can rest
  • I will store and handle breast milk if requested
  • Developing schedules and recommendations regarding feeding such as how long to nurse and how many ozs a baby should eat
  • Will maintain a temp of 68-72° F in the nursery

Maintain a daily log of activities along with providing recommendations regarding infant sleep conditioning and patterns. Will be there to ensure your baby maintains proper sleep and feeding schedule once it’s been developed

I will respect parents privacy and maintain a clean guest room that is provided

Unlimited postpartum support

Sleep Training

Summer will come to your home and work overnight from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. for 3-5 nights teaching your little ones to sleep through the night. Summer does this by creating a sleep plan and implementing it alongside the parents.  

  • Will arrive at bedtime or work 24/3 
  • Sleep questionnaire 
  • Room evaluation
  • Personalized sleep plans
  • Setting good parenting foundation 
  • Teaching healthy sleep habits

$ 35 hr.